Course Description

Your sexy brain is under attack. So are your hormones.

I call a healthy brain “sexy” because sex hormones have everything to do with supporting optimal cognition and a robust and well-functioning brain volume. But between hormone-altering chemicals, pollution, escalating hormonal issues in Americans of all ages, obesity, an epidemic of processed foods filled with pesticides and plastics, social changes (such as texting instead of talking), and the stunning epidemic of digestive illness (the gut is the mothership of all health, including the brain), our hormones and gray matter are at critical risk.

Berkson tackles these issues and downloads mesmerizing science-based information to help you be a cutting-edge practitioner or a healthier and smarter body owner.

You’ll learn everything you ever wanted to know about hormones: how they work, we go over every single hormone and how they influence each other, you'll learn how the rubber meets the road at hormonal "recepto functionality" and how today's "toxic-isness" is threatening hormonal health in fetuses, infants, our aging population and life as we know it.

We are growing older, but will we outlive our wits and our wallets? Having assessments and answers are a must for developing protocols for brain health.

Alarming MRI studies are demonstrating Parkinsonian and Alzheimer’s-like changes in brain tissue in a growing number of children under 10 years old. Mothers all over the world are asking, “What is wrong with my child’s brain?”

There is now a documented epidemic of low T in younger males, a rapidly rising epidemic of hormonal imbalances in younger females, and women going through menopause earlier. Endocrine disruption is now considered a major threat to fertility and brain health. Our toxic soup that we live in is creating an emerging public health issue: environmental castration.

Berkson, author of one of the first breakthrough books on this topic (Hormone Deception, used for NIH environmental regulatory education for the scientists) will help you understand the gut-hormone-environment link. Nature intended authentic human connection to contribute to brain health and family stability. But all this is under siege. Berkson arms you as a practitioner or a brain owner to have exact information for assessment and to-dos.

You will learn about:

  • The separate personalities of estrogen and testosterone, how hormones are a family that "function" or "dysfunction" together, and how oxytocin is a missing family member that greatly affects gut and brain health.
  • You will learn about pregnanolone, progesterone, DHEA, various estrogens, insulin, appetite hormones, and more.
  • Leaky gut and leaky brain, and what hormones have to do with it.
  • The "microgenderome" and the "brain-ome."
  • Why detoxification must move mainstream. Berkson has been using her 10-day Sex Hormone Receptor Detox, based on documented fireman detoxification methods. You will discover why you'll want to houseclean your hormones on a regular basis.
  • Ancestral signaling—what hormone signaling has been up to for thousands of years. Berkson translates this hard-wired biology into how men and women interact with each other on a date, during an argument, and in the bedroom.
  • The link between intimacy and your telomere length.
  • The hormone language of love and exact anatomical triggers.

Berkson was a hormone scholar at Tulane, working with the top scientists in hormone and receptor physiology. She takes this growing body of science out in the world of peer review science and puts it into a neat package for you.

You will receive:

  • Archived videos and presentations that you can watch again and again with your family or your patients.
  • A professional video presentation to inspire your family and your clients about the importance of “green” pregnancies.
  • A clear understanding of how healthy human connection (between parents and kids, best friends, or mates) releases molecules that caretake your brain, relationships, and family life. And how those connections are being damaged today and exact steps to protect it.
  • A stool wellness check-list chart.
  • Expert information on hormones, pollution, intimacy, and connection to protect yourself, those your love, and your patients. You will become a much smarter and healthier person . . . with a much sexier brain.

Course Contents:

8 modules permanently archived.

  • Intro to Intimacy, Hormones and the Brain Under Siege
  • Getting Unconfused About Hormones - meet all the hormones, what they do and how they depend on nutrients & gut health
  • Intro to Endocrine Disruptors (hormone-altering chemicals) & how they affect hormones & health & steps for protection
  • Oxytocin - New health/clinical understanding of oxytocin's many hats, how it is under attack & steps for use, protocols & protection.
  • Brain, Biomes, Blood-Brain Barrier: how they are under attack & steps for protection.
  • Dr. Jack Monaco: how a straight gynecologist went functional, all the many uses & effects of hormones & why they are so misunderstood by so many.
  • Connection: archival hormonal signaling translated into practice, relationships, intimacy, and health. Exact steps.

Bonus slides presentations & videos permanently archived:

  1. The gut and hormones
  2. How Bisphenol A is damaging monogamy
  3. Progesterone
  4. Sexual Anatomy & Orgasms
  5. Testosterone
  6. Cortisol
  7. Pregnenolone
  8. Adrenal Glands
  9. Estrogen
  10. Thyroid shocker
  11. Semen Benefits
  12. Green Pregnancy professional slide/video for patients and family
  13. EDCs and other Health issues
  14. EDCs and hormone resistance
  15. Guide to Get EDCs out of your home
  16. Porn: the big turn off

PDFs and eBooks:

  • Healthy Stool checklist
  • Hormonal gym eBook
  • What is a Hormone eBook
  • Introduction to Safe Hormones ahead of Pub date pdf
  • PDF of slides of specific chemicals that attack which hormones
  • PDF of toxic metals as EDCs
  • PDF of EDCs and vitamin D and 6 protective pregnancy steps.

A bunch of diverse and information videos


Dr. Lindsey Berkson

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Chapter 1 - Introduction to hormones, intimacy, & your brain & how today's environment is assaulting them.

    • Free Trial: Preview part of the first module

    • Welcome SB thinktificdocx

    • Module 1 Introduction to a new way of understanding hormones

    • What Is A Hormone eBook

    • Introduction Dr. B 5.30.17.pptx

    • SEXY BRAIN why you want one intro webinar 6.21.17

    • Green Pregnancy - Powerpoint Format

    • Bisphenol A and Human Connection - Video Presentation

    • Chapter 1 Quiz

  • 2

    Chapter 2 - Getting Unconfused About Hormones

    • Get Unconfused About Hormones - Video

    • Adrenal Glands & DHEA - Video

    • Cortisol - Video

    • Estrogen - Video

    • Hormone Family Personalities Aromatase

    • Hormones & Nutrients 2B

    • Pregnenolone

    • Progesterone

    • Testosterone

    • Sexy Brain Hormone Check List - Word Format

    • Chapter 2 - Quiz

  • 3

    Chapter 3

    • Module 2A: Introduction to Endocrine Disrupting (hormone altering) Chemicals & Hormonal/Health Effects

    • Module 2B - Specific Health Effects of Endocrine Disruption Chemicals (EDCs)

    • Module 2C - What to do about EDCs: The EDC fix with some messages of hope for health & community remedidation.

    • BPA and Autophagy - PDF

    • BPA Monogamy 7.23.17 - Video

    • Metal Toxicities - PDF

    • Hour presentation: More exact history of EDCs & steps to get this stuff out of our lives (home, office, food and supermarket carts).

    • Benefits of Semen - Nature never does anything without an exact reason!

    • EDCs vitamin D PDF

    • EDCs Demand Smart Nutrition PDF

    • Chapter 3 - Quiz

  • 4

    Chapter 4

    • Module 4: Introduction to the many hats of oxytocin and how it is under attack. Slides.

    • Oxytocin - Audio File to accompany oxytocin module 4 slides.

    • Oxytocin - Powerpoint PDF

    • Oxytocin eBook - PDF

    • Environmental Working Group on EDCs - PDF

    • Stool Check List - PDF

    • Chapter 4 - Quiz

  • 5

    Chapter 5 - Brain, Biomes & Blood Brain Barrier: under attack & hormones, nutrients & lifestyle steps for protection.

    • Module 5A. Brain, Biomes & Blood Brain Barrier: under attack by our toxic environment & steps for protection.

    • Module 5B EDCS, EEDs, Epigenetics & Your Brain

    • Module 5C Specific EDCs (like DDT, BPA, parabens, fungicides, etc.), your brain, nervous system & genes.

    • brain 10 warning signs of brain issues

    • Module 5 quiz

  • 6

    Bonus Module #6 Dr. Jack Monaco 1.5 hours of the truth about hormones from an integrative gyneologist

    • Dr. Jack Monaco - confessions, pearls & amazing information on bioidentical hormones & the science behind them.

  • 7

    Bonus Module #7 Dr. Alan Gaby - nutrients vs. today's toxic environment & a medical song!

    • Bonus 1.5 hours Dr. Alan Gaby Vitamin B6, Magnesium, Zinc & a Song!

  • 8

    Bonus Module #8 Dr. David Brownstein - more info on thyroid, adrenals, avoid anti-oxidant overload & more!

    • Bonus #8 Dr. David Brownstein - thyroid, adrenals, helpful protocol pearls & more!

  • 9

    Bonus #9: Dr. Carol Roberts - ear/nose/throat surgeon turns BHRT & Cannabinoid Expert

    • Dr. Roberts 1.5 hours on BHRT and Marijuana - use in clinical practice

  • 10

    Module 10 Hormone Language of Love, Archival Estrogen & Testosterone, Translated Into Connection

    • Hormone Language of Love Video & Power point - 2 hrs.

    • Connection 30 minutes: Awakened Intimacy

    • Connection/Hormone language of love question