Course Description

Most doctors and scientists don't know about 2-methoxyestradiol. This compound is the final metabolite of estrogen, "if" estrogen is optimally metabolized (broken down) throughout the bodies of all humans, men and women, boys and girls. 

For many years 2 MEO was thought to be a metabolic "dud" with no action or purpose at all, but Nature never does anything without a reason. Now we know 2 MEO is a major "protector" of estrogen, keeping her safe and your health unstoppable. On many levels.

2 MEO is not limited to gender or age. It is pertinent to all human health.

It used to be thought that estrogen was mainly made in the ovaries, fat cells and a bit in the male testes. Now we know estrogen is produced globally in all of us. It is made in up to 6 parts of the human brain, in the parietal cells of the stomach, inside the heart and many other tissues. 

Estrogen is made, exerts its actions and then must be "cleanly" metabolized into 2 MEO (and her best bud 4 MEO) which then creates a "full healthy circle" which protects estrogen's actions on all related tissues.

2 MEO is one of the major ways we stay free of cancer, inflammation, and illness.

2 MEO production is adversely altered by antibiotics, junk food diets, genetic glitches, and more.

In this approximately 3.5 hour class of video and power-points (with recipes), you will learn more about the amazing role of 2 MEO—Nature's intentional wonder child—designed and intended to keep us well.

2 MEO produced naturally, or used as a hormone replacement, protects heart tissue, joints, kidney filtering units (glomeruli), breast tissue, ovarian tissue, endometrial tissue, and more.

2 MEO is critical for a normal pregnancy. You can measure 2 MEO in a pregnant woman and get an idea if she is at risk of pre-eclampsia.

Berkson merges personality and science. She is known for connecting-the-dots of information not known by many, but soon by YOU!


Dr. Lindsey Berkson

Course curriculum

  • 1

    2 MEO What is it? How it's critical for the safe actions of estrogen through all human bodies.

    • Part 1. 2 MEO Nature's Wonder Child

    • Food Recipes That Boost 2 MEO

  • 2

    Part 2. The Many Actions of 2 MEO on the human body.

    • Part 2. 2 MEO's actions on cancer(s), blood vessels, heart tissue, kidney tissue, reproductive health & even PCOS.

  • 3

    Part 3. 2 MEO Food Boosters, where to get 2 MEO scripts, dosages, and more.

    • Part 3. Food Boosters of 2 MEO and more.