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This is a dynamic and one of a kind course on "Everything to Do With Hormones, Breast Health and Food" all in a concise, science-based, yet entertaining set of powerful powerpoint's and videos. You hear and see the information in a dynamic presentation by Dr. Berkson, a hormone scholar and international expert on hormones.

You will learn about the world of cross-talk of "biomes" and the newly discovered, by the Cleveland Clinic, breast biome.

You will learn what hormones are, what a receptor looks like and how it works, how it shape-shifts to deliver it's signal and which nutrients affect the duration of that signal, where "biomes" live and how they communicate, what foods, over-the-counter meds and more, affect our hormone health 24/7.

You will learn how the microbiome, hormones and immune systems cross-talk.

You will learn what birth control pills do to the gut wall. You will learn what over-the-counter meds are linked to infertility.

Hormones are not just about sexy and reproductive things. You will appreciate how hormones are your body's main physiologic "Internet System", sending emails to "target" tissues all throughout the body. 

You will learn which parts of the brain are the main target tissues of hormones, and even which hormone tamps down the expression of the Alzheimer vulnerability gene, APOE4.

We all are driven by hormones, even the infant suckling at the breast. You will learn what foods a lactating mom eats that affect which hormones her new born is rinsed with. You will learn about the "Estrobolome" and gut modulation of estrogen.

You will learn the ratio of estrogen receptors which gives rise to the "Good" versus the "Bad" estrogen dominance; why you should care and, which foods drive the healthiest relationship between these diverse estrogen signals.

You will get a review of delivery modes of hormones, testing of hormones, unappreciated lab values of thyroid dysfunction, science behind bio-identical hormones safety, and more.

Berkson intertwines science with bling, humor and heart. 

You will learn much more about hormones than you can learn on the Internet or at any other hormone symposium. 

Berkson's life journey has been about connecting-the-dots of research along with clinical acumen and tools that work to keep your hormones safe.

All this unique information is translated into immediate action steps for yourself, your loved ones or your clients and patients.

This course contains 4 hours and 40 minutes of power-points and recorded lessons. It also contains a pdf on the breast biome and biome cross-talk along with citations.



Dr. Lindsey Berkson

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Hormones, Breast Biomes & Food Part 1.

    • Hormones, Breast Biomes & Food. Part 1

    • Blog Breast Biome course final 1.6.17

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    Hormones, Breast Biomes & Food Part 2.

    • Hormones, Breast Biomes & Food. Part 2

  • 3

    Hormones, Breast Biomes & Food Part 3

    • Hormones, Breast Biomes & Food. Part 3