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There is an emerging understanding of a larger set of job descriptions for estrogen, than has been taught in school or even interpreted within the clinical trenches.

Estrogen is intimately involved with methylation, epigenetics, detoxification, fat cell integrity and on and on.

You will learn the bi-directionality of estrogen on many processes. You will learn about estrogen's receptors, co-regulators, and nutritional nuances. 

You will learn why you want "clean" estrogen metabolism and how to accomplish it.

Estrogen signaling is not limited to gender or age. It affects all of us from the fetus and infant to the child as well as adults. 

You will learn the good estrogen dominance compared to the bad. You will learn how to keep estrogen metabolism clean and healthy.

You will learn the difference between "endocrinology" and "intracrinology' and why this is a game-changer for testing and treating hormonal health.

Berkson makes this information entertaining while it's all high-level evidence-based.

This course is for practitioners as well as smart patients. It's 4 hours and 15 minutes and it's video lecture by Berkson with power points and one PDF.

Dr. Lindsey Berkson

Dr. Lindsey Berkson


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3 Videos


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Everything Estrogen Part 3: Metabolism in detail, Foods, Life Style & More Info on Keeping Estrogen Safe